Monday, February 9, 2009


“Dodge, duck, dip, dodge and duck” are a few great words from the comedy Dodge Ball. The game dodge ball has become a subject of controversy in schools all over the United States. Should dodge ball be removed from the Physical Education curriculum completely?

My opinion on the subject of dodge ball is no, dodge ball should not be removed from the curriculum completely. I believe that it should be removed from classroom Phys. Ed. but I think that when students are not in school hours that they should be allowed to play. The reason I believe this is because from past experiences, dodge ball is a very popular activity amongst the students. Although there were a few stragglers in my class during high school, almost everyone participated. It is a great workout that consists of running, throwing dodging and catching, and some students really do enjoy playing it.

Some variations of the game could include foam balls so that no one will end up getting hurt if they get hit hard. You could also play that students can only hit below the waist, and if they hit above it then they are out. Reducing risk is always good. Another variation could be having people hit an object instead of other students. Finally, you can split up the teams so that the more skillful people are competing against each other on one side of the gym, and the people less skilled on the other side competing against each other. This also helps keep students from bullying on others, and everyone can participate more.

There are many pros and cons of playing dodge ball, but I feel if you do some of these variations, and keep students involved and safe then dodge ball should be allowed during out of school activities. Keeping a safe environment and keeping kids active will produce a healthy Physical Education Program.

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