Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lab Number Five

For the last day we were in the cafeteria. We did an easter theme and had the kids color eggs then played pin the egg on the poster. Then we had egg races with spoons and the kids like that too. We had them do different variations such as use only left hands, use both hands with an egg in both on the spoon, and we had them do it backwards.

In the past four labs we presented various activities for the students at St. Mary’s. These were mostly motor skills and for each activity we made sure that it was safe and no one would get hurt. We also tried to make the games as fun as possible so that as many students as possible were participating. Our super hero day was very good because for our group everyone brought props and had a storyline, and from then on out we did the same thing to make sure everyone participated. In being in the gym we tried to use as much space as possible and help students with their skills. They were mostly easy, some included fundamentals such as throwing, kicking, reading even to help the students develop.

Some limitations that were included were only to see the certain motor skills of the children being evaluated. For example, we had to slow down the routine for that one student and allow them to go maybe more times than the other students. Some of the other students would be waiting in line wanting to go, but because we needed to evaluate them, other students were left waiting sometimes. What we eventually started doing was pulling the kids we were evaluation to the side and allowing them to do the skills and not interrupt the other kids.

Lab Number Fourrr

We had to show the skill throwing and catching. We got some props and of favorite foods and we had the children throw through hoops and if they made it into the hoop they got to pick up a type of food then throw the ball to the other people in their line to show the catch.

Our labs at St. Mary’s School Cortland are the first set of teaching experiences on the path to becoming Physical Education teachers. Although we knew there would be some challenges to face, it also was a great learning experience. On difficulty we faced was the lack of the children’s focus. There were times when the kids would be talking amongst themselves or being really excited and not doing what was asked for them to do. You had to divert your time to make them do what needed to be done but then the other kids would get restless and start acting out. We had to have really good games in order to keep their attention, because if they were not good they would not be able to play, and they wanted to play so it made them cooperate. Another problem was being in the Gymnasium. It is so loud in there that is was hard to speak and have the kids listen. Using a whistle or a loud device helps when getting attention.

Some ways to resolve these conflicts were to use a whistle or loud device to get the children’s attention. Then also using props and costumes will automatically make the children behave in order to play the game. Also using a story to wrap around the game is good. An example would be when Jack used the story of how the super heroes were taking a day off and needed us to help prepare the students to become super heroes. The kids loved that we brought in capes and wore batman and superman logos. We also allowed a station where they could wear a cape and it made the students love it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lab Number Three

The third lab was a huge success. My group and I got together and made the game endless bucked our own. We cut out super hero logos and put them on and then got capes to wear along with two extras for the kids. The loved every minute of it. We told them that the super hero's were taking the week off and that we were sent to train the children to fight crime and be super heros for them. We included the skills that were needed in class, i and included new ones. We had the children do all different kinds of skills, one was scalling a building by sliding, another was crawling through a tunnel, flying sith a cape on, and jumping from buildings. The kids loved it. None of the children sat out and that is always good when everyone is involved.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lab Number Twoo

The second visit to St Marys was a little different then what we expected. We came in with a game to play, thinking that the kids were going to love it. The response was different then what we expected. First we began to set up the parachute ad put the mommy barn yeard animals outiside, and the babies under the parachute. Once we bring the kids over, they start running and laying on the parachute. It took about 5 minutes to get them to stay off the parachute. Then we told them to go around then parachute and hold onto it with two hands. The kids started shaking it like crazy and going under it. Once we finally calmed them down again, we explained what the game was and how to play. We started, but the kids kept on going under the parachute and making it shake and some were not listening so we had to keep on telling them to shake the parachute soft and not go under it unless it was there turn. We made the kids run, skip, hop on one foot, and gallop to help with the evaluations.

When we finished, there were some kids that came up to us and said they didnt get a chance to do the game part. Knowing this, next time we knew we had to make it equla for everyone to participate in. Despite the crazy events that happened, we still had fun and we learned from our mistakes so that we wont make them again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Experience at St. Mary's

On monday afternoon we entered St. Mary's expecting the unexpected. Once we were in the school we split up into our groups and headed off to beging our first day. My group was assigned the pre-K kids. The kids ranged from the ages 2-5 and there were two different class rooms. Our group split up to cover both classrooms at once. While in the classroom, we just needed to interact and communicate with the children. The main goal was to get them to communicate back with us, and really start to get to know them. To my surprise the kids reacted great and were not just giving me yes and no answers. There were a few that all they did was talk, which was great! I played with blocks, ate pretend cookies, drank pretend orange juice, read books and colored with them. After snack time it was our turn to go play in the gym. The kids were running up and down the walls. They had so much energy from being cooped up in classroom the whole day. Our group didnt really have set games, but we were creative and made up some games that i felt they enjoyed. One game was where we put a bunch of hola hoops in a circle and then had the kids jup through them. we had them do one leg and then we also picked some of the hola hoops up so they could craw through them. Another game i thought the kids liked was that they would get inside the hoops and then we would pretend we are driving then around in cars and steering them. Before we knew it time was up and we had to go.

All in all i had a really great first experience at St. Mary's. I think i had just as much fun as the kids did. I cant wait to work with different levels and create new activities.

Monday, February 9, 2009


“Dodge, duck, dip, dodge and duck” are a few great words from the comedy Dodge Ball. The game dodge ball has become a subject of controversy in schools all over the United States. Should dodge ball be removed from the Physical Education curriculum completely?

My opinion on the subject of dodge ball is no, dodge ball should not be removed from the curriculum completely. I believe that it should be removed from classroom Phys. Ed. but I think that when students are not in school hours that they should be allowed to play. The reason I believe this is because from past experiences, dodge ball is a very popular activity amongst the students. Although there were a few stragglers in my class during high school, almost everyone participated. It is a great workout that consists of running, throwing dodging and catching, and some students really do enjoy playing it.

Some variations of the game could include foam balls so that no one will end up getting hurt if they get hit hard. You could also play that students can only hit below the waist, and if they hit above it then they are out. Reducing risk is always good. Another variation could be having people hit an object instead of other students. Finally, you can split up the teams so that the more skillful people are competing against each other on one side of the gym, and the people less skilled on the other side competing against each other. This also helps keep students from bullying on others, and everyone can participate more.

There are many pros and cons of playing dodge ball, but I feel if you do some of these variations, and keep students involved and safe then dodge ball should be allowed during out of school activities. Keeping a safe environment and keeping kids active will produce a healthy Physical Education Program.