Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lab Number Three

The third lab was a huge success. My group and I got together and made the game endless bucked our own. We cut out super hero logos and put them on and then got capes to wear along with two extras for the kids. The loved every minute of it. We told them that the super hero's were taking the week off and that we were sent to train the children to fight crime and be super heros for them. We included the skills that were needed in class, i and included new ones. We had the children do all different kinds of skills, one was scalling a building by sliding, another was crawling through a tunnel, flying sith a cape on, and jumping from buildings. The kids loved it. None of the children sat out and that is always good when everyone is involved.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lab Number Twoo

The second visit to St Marys was a little different then what we expected. We came in with a game to play, thinking that the kids were going to love it. The response was different then what we expected. First we began to set up the parachute ad put the mommy barn yeard animals outiside, and the babies under the parachute. Once we bring the kids over, they start running and laying on the parachute. It took about 5 minutes to get them to stay off the parachute. Then we told them to go around then parachute and hold onto it with two hands. The kids started shaking it like crazy and going under it. Once we finally calmed them down again, we explained what the game was and how to play. We started, but the kids kept on going under the parachute and making it shake and some were not listening so we had to keep on telling them to shake the parachute soft and not go under it unless it was there turn. We made the kids run, skip, hop on one foot, and gallop to help with the evaluations.

When we finished, there were some kids that came up to us and said they didnt get a chance to do the game part. Knowing this, next time we knew we had to make it equla for everyone to participate in. Despite the crazy events that happened, we still had fun and we learned from our mistakes so that we wont make them again.